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Customer: Esther Edlemann Eagle Colorado
What improvements have you noticed?
  • Less dry Skin? Yes
  • Less dull bathtub film? Yes
  • Less hard water spots? Yes
  • Less cleaning products used? Yes
  • RO Drinking water system: It’s Awesome!
What do you like most about your water now?
Best choice ever for our family’s health! Not only our bodies and skin love it but also out dishwasher and washer!
Why did you choose the Kinetico Brand?
Our Kids were very sensitive to chemicals in the water and we went through many health challenges with them. Amazingly with Kinetico Water Systems, their health increased dramatically! We never thought that the water could get so tasty and pure. We love it!
Customer: Innovative Energy, Breckenridge
We had a great experience working with the Kinetico team to get our office drinking water. The first unit we had wasn’t working perfectly and they immediately took care of it and replaced it with a new one. The reverse osmosis water tastes great and it’s nice to have the on-demand hot water. Thanks for all of your attention and your great product!
Customer: Brian Hopkins, Eagle
I like the feel of the soft water, it makes my skin feel smoother. I also like the way my dishes do not have any kind of residue on them when I take them out of the dishwasher! I chose the Kinetico brand and Sundance Water because of their solid reputation, they are a local company, and their qualified technicians. The feature I like most about the Kinetico water treatment system is the non-electric design.
Customer: Mary and Randy Brooks, Breckenridge
What change in your water do you like best?
We were on city water for the least 8.5 months while we were building our new home. My husband was losing hair like crazy and my hair and my sons hair lost its shine and luster. We also had dry skin and a weird smell to our bodies. Now with Kinetico water we love it!
Why did you choose the Kinetico brand?
We had Kinetico at our old house and Eric had helped us with that then and we really liked the system. So when we were building a new house we called Eric to help us again… Eric has always been very helpful and timely we love working with him...
Which features do you like most?
The no or low maintenance. We love the Kinetico softener and we love the Kinetico reverse osmosis water. We also got the instant hot water system and we realy like that.
Customer: Ron Constien, Edwards & New Castle
What change in your water do you like best?
The taste and smell.
Why did you choose the Kinetico brand?
I chose Kinetico because they are the leader in the water business.
Which features do you like most?
I find the ease of use the best... we just have great water now!
Customer: Tim and Linda Barca, Eagle
We have owned this system for 21 years. Any problem that we have had has always been rectified by the service techs promptly and at a reasonable cost. The Kinetico system treats our extremely hard water, efficiently, and by the time it comes out of our RO faucet, it is the best tasting water we have ever had! Our daughter refuses to drink any other water, bottled or otherwise.
Customer: Rob and Amy Woessner, Silverthorne
Product: Kinetico 2060 Softener and Kinetico RO Purifier
Year Installed: 1992
Hardess: 16 gpg
TDS: 600 ppm
We have had our Kinetico water softener and RO drinking system for 19 years. The softener only needed one service call after 17 years, and the RO is still working well (with the original membrane)! We are very pleased with the reliability of the product. So get the point and choose Kinetico!
Customer: Helmut and Ursula Fricker, Eagle
We bought our Kinetico Softener and Drinking Purifier 17 years ago from Eric. We are very pleased! We chose Kinetico because of Eric, and the non-electric design looked easy and reliable. It has been a trouble free system! Our second home in Eagle doesn't have a Kinetico System yet reminds us home much better Kinetico water is! We plan to invest in a second system to get rid of all that hardness buildup and poor taste. Thank you Eric and Kinetico!
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